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Sheryl A. Day

PhD, Information Science, UW ISchool
Owner, Washington Karate (Ballard Dojo)
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Current Research:

  • Technology and Social Change (TASCHA)
  • Indigenous Information Research Group (IIRG)
  • Past Research:

  • Information and Society (ISC)
  • Teaching & Curriculum Development:

  • Senior Instructor - UW Myanmar: Project Management & Development
  • Director - iSchool Tahiti: Oral Traditions, Knowledge, & Science
  • Community Service & Fundraising:

  • Chair - Annual Summit for Pacific Islander Resources & Education (ASPIRE)
  • Vice President - Karate-Ka Advanced Training Association Fund (KATA Fund)
  • President - Native Organization of Indigenous Scholars
  • Employment:

  • University of Washington
  • NOAA-Northwest Fisheries Science Center
  • Washington Karate Association